Retainer Guide

===Creating a Retainer===
There are two kinds of retainers available in Aarandor, all well-tamed animals.
Military - Animal
Social - Small animal

Animals are both mounts such as horses as well as larger animals which can fight; from wolves to dogs. Small animals are pets. They can carry messages for you which is set up by personalizing the message function, and yes, that means your pet snake can carry a scroll across town for you.

Retainers are created with the command:
@retainers/create <name>,<type>

With <name> being the retainer’s name - this can be changed later, and while you are personalizing them, it’s often a good idea to have a simple placeholder name, and <type> being the kind of animal (Small animal or Animal). While it can be added later, retainers cannot be created with a comma in their name, as it breaks the formatting.

===Retainer Information===
Here are a few helpful commands to know when working with your retainer.

This will show the names, IDs, locations, outstanding XP and Loyalty of each of your retainers.

@retainers/viewstats <id>
This shows the character sheet for your retainers. It does not currently show their level or bought abilities.

===Personalizing Retainers===
Both descriptions and names are subject to coding as usual, so you can add colors, gradients and the like to your retainer, further personalizing them.

@retainers/name <id #>=<new name>
This changes your character’s name.

@retainers/desc <id #>=<new description>
This is used to create a personalized description for the retainer, and shows on command ‘look
<retainer’s name>

@retainers/customize <id #>=<trait name>,<value>
A retainer’s traits are seen when looking at them, and are as follows - species, gender, age, height, eyecolor, haircolor, skintone. They are purely cosmetic, and let you get a better sense of a character at a glance.

===Improving Retainers===
All retainers must spend both XP and resources of the type used to create them when improving themselves. Retainers can gain XP in two ways; they can be given XP by their owner, and gain 3xp for every 1xp donated by the player character, or they can be Trained.This is largely used for improving upon the combat abilities of Animals. Training retainers is a function of Animal Ken. This takes one of the training slots for the character for the week, and is done with the following command:

@retainers/train <retainer’s owner>=<retainer’s name or ID>
This will create XP on the retainer equal to a Command+Animal Ken roll. How the XP is spent is solely up to the owning player.

@retainers/transferxp <id #>=<xp>
This transfers XP from the owning player to the retainer, at the 3xp per 1 xp transferred, as explained above.

Example: Serenity gives Washy, a cat 12 XP. Washy now has 36 XP to spend.
The following purchases all improve a retainer’s capabilities in some fashion, whether directly (improving their stats), indirectly (improving their weapons or armor) or expanding the retainer’s repertoire in the form of abilities. Each purchase costs both XP and resources of the appropriate type in equal measure.

@retainers/buylevel <id #>=<field>
This increases a retainer’s level. Aside from guards, which cannot be trained, this always starts at 0. A retainer’s level is the maximum that stats and skills can be purchased to - they may start with a higher skill than this, but until their level exceeds it, you cannot purchase higher stats or skills.

@retainers/buystat <id #>=<stat>
This increases the retainer’s chosen stat by one point, subject to their level.

@retainers/buyskill <id #>=<skill>
This increases the retainer’s chosen skill by one point, subject to their level

@retainers/upgradeweapon <id #>=<field>
This increases either the ease of the retainer striking their opponent in combat, or increases the damage when they do. The <field> is either weapon_damage (which has a cost of 40 XP/resources for the first level) or difficulty_mod (which costs 50 XP/resources for the first level)

@retainers/upgradearmor <id #>
This directly increases the mitigation of a retainer by one point. The cost is always equal to the new level of mitigation; so going from mitigation 0 to 1 for an Animal costs 1 xp and 1 military resource. Going from mitigation 29 to 30 costs 30 xp and 30 military resources.

@retainers/buyability <id #>=<ability>
This expands what a retainer can do; small animals may learn how to carry messages *custom_messenger, at a cost of 25 xp/25 resources. Thus far, abilities are only bought or not, and do not need the retainer to be of any level.

The messaging abilities can be toggled with the commands:
message/custom <Retainer ID>
message/discreet <Retainer ID>

===Retainer Commands===
@retainers or @agents
This will show the names, IDs, locations, outstanding XP and Loyalty of each of your retainers.

this will command any retainers following you to stop it, right now. They will remain where they are (though will drop off grid and not be visible)

@agents/transferowner <id>,new owner
This permanently transfers ownership of the retainer to the new owner.

message/custom <Retainer ID>
The chosen retainer will carry your messages for you

message/discreet <Retainer ID>
The chosen retainer will stop others in your scene getting notified whenever you receive a message, as long as they are on grid and in your location

===Animals That Can Be Used===
We keep an updated list of animals available to make as a retainer on the following page. If you don't see something you want as an animal retainer on this list, it is very likely you wont be allowed to have it, but you can always send in a +request to ask.