Rithor Rituals And Practices

Initiates of Rithor are sent into the wilderness, with a knife, some rope and food and water for a day. They are given one instruction, survive. They must live throughout a full month on their own, surviving off the land, killing the wild beasts threatening them or being killed by then. They must show no fear, and embrace the challenge without hesitation. When they return, their training continues as they often serve as apprentice hunters or warriors. Once that period is complete, they face the Rites of Rithor made of three challenges that they must surpass before they are ritually scarred, and are marked as one of the Fearless. Priests of Rithor are often hunters and warriors, soldiers in an army or bodyguards to rulers and important individuals. Any army worth anything is sure to include a number of priests within their numbers. They often are knowledgeable in the art of surviving in the wild, which makes them useful for exploration expeditions that are looking to employ protection and guides.

Services: Priests of Rithor usually preach about courage not only in battle or when hunting, but in the faithful’s daily lives. Stories of bravery and fearlessness are often shared during services, told by both faithful and priests alike. During the telling of these stories, is common for older priests present to embellish the stories with the drumming of rhythmic sounds using a tomponel, a small wide drum that is often made by initiates to celebrate their completion of their Rites of Rithor. The priests also preach about the dangers of succumbing to fears, both physical and mental.

Blessing of Courage - This blessing is given by a priest to a warrior that is about to go into battle, or a hunter going out to catch dangerous prey. The priest would slice their hand open, and bloody a thumb on the wound. The bloodied thumb is used to paint a small line under each eye, while the priest offers a small prayer to Rithor. Those receiving the blessing often claim to feel driven to face any challenge awaiting them.