Symbol - A pair of crossed swords in gray on a red background.

The Deity of Fearlessness. There is no challenge too difficult, no feat too great. They teach that even in the face of fear we must press on. Theirs is the aesthetic of a warrior, and those who fight and hunt bring with them the fearlessness of their Deity.

The Priesthood of Rithor are those who prepare for war. They embrace the martial skills of a military, ready to defend at all costs. Through their Deity, they have found the strength to face many a hopeless battle and come out victorious on the other side. Rituals of the Priesthood involve sparring and training, hunting and foraging. The Rites of Rithor, when an initiate to the priesthood becomes a full fledged priest, involves a ritual scarring, marking them as the Fearless, for any to witness.