Roleplay On An Mu

Whether this is your first time ever Roleplaying or your are a veteran RPer, the MU* genre may take a little getting used to. It comes with both pros and cons like any other genre, but we find it a generally open and exciting form of Roleplay that allows the players to decide their fate and shape their world.

Large Epic Stories
MU*s create an open ended world where large and epic things can and will happen! Some of these things will be player driven and some will be events established by staff to help drive the story forward. Either way, you are encouraged to get involved with the world around you.

Detailed Character Development
Every character is the protagonist of their own story. You will be developing relationships, working together and establishing your communities within the game. And through those relationships your character will evolve and grow. This game is just as much about personal development as it is about the big picture plot.

Don't Fear the Commands
Because we are a text-based game, there are going to be a lot of commands to learn. But don't worry! The community is helpful and understanding of new players, we are here to help! In no time at all, they will become second nature.

Impact on the World
When we are writing stories, setting and plot for the game, they are written as loose guidelines meant to spur on story development. At any time, your character can change the course of the story with their decisions. This is not a novel you are helping us to write, it is a living, breathing world that is shaped by the actions of its players.

Strong Sense of Community
We are all in this together! Staff and players are both responsible for ensuring a good Roleplaying experience. We find that this sense of responsibility shared across the community helps to bond us and bring us together. We encourage communication both in game and out of game that encourages this sense of community togetherness.