Rolling Dice

===How to Roll Your Stat and Skill Dice===
The ‘help @check’ file goes over this more extensively, but the basic command is as follows:
@check <stat> + <skill> at <difficulty number>
Example: @check perception + investigation at 15

This will result in a pass or fail as well as how much one has passed or failed their roll.

===How are Dice Rolls Calculated===
The simple formula for a dice roll is as follows:

roll Stat + Skill, keep Skill + (Stat/2) + 1 (rounded down)
10s explode, 5% chance to double your final roll with a crit.

Here is the long version explanation:
The dice system works on a roll and keep mechanic.

When you use the @check command, or use other systems that invoke checks such as crafting, it rolls a number of D10 dice equal to your Stat + Skill. Then the system keeps X number of dice with the top results and drops the rest, where X = Skill + (Stat/2) + 1, with Stat/2 rounded down.

As an example, let's say Elexia is rolling a Stat + Skill combo he has maxed at 5/5. She'll roll 10 D10's (5 + 5) and then keep the highest 8 dice (5 + (5/2) +1). The 2 dice with the lowest results will get dropped, while the top 8 will have their results added together for a final result. For a check with Stat and Skill both at 3, you'd roll 6 dice (3 + 3) and keep 5. (3 + (3/2) +1).

There are two other important aspects of checks, which are exploding 10s and crits. Exploding 10s means that if one of the D10s in your roll pool rolls a 10, you get to keep that 10 and reroll the die! Which means you have a higher chance of rolling more high numbers for your final result.

A crit in this system is a 5% chance to simply double the end result of your check.