Schools Of Magic

The Lifewell is the vessel through which all life flows. Elves have learned to tap into their own river of the Lifewell and use it to manipulate the world around them. Though some have learned to use it to great ends, all elves know the dangers of the Lifewell. For when the Lifewell is tapped, so too is the very essence of their soul. Elves are taught from a very young age to temper their usage of magic for fear it may deplete their lifewell completely.

Schools of Magic

Evocation - Those who learn the art of Evocation seek to push their opponents in a fight. This often includes conjuring elemental projectiles, bolts of lightning, freezing droplets of water in to ice shards.

Abjuration -Those who learn the art of Abjuration have learned to diminish harm coming to them. This can come in the form of a Lifewell barrier, conjuring up a sheet of ice to act as your shield or mitigating damage through brief swift movements.

Prestidigitation - Magic is helpful for all sorts of things, including impressive parlor tricks. Prestidigitation has a very wide variety of small, but helpful things it can do. Examples include levitation, cleaning ones clothes by magic, generating light, and simple illusions.

Restoration - The art of Restoration is a blessed thing. Learning the magical arts of mending a body and healing its wounds is an endlessly useful skill. Those who follow this path are said to be touched by Gala.