Social System

A Guide to Ithir's Social Systems

These are the systems that mark your reputation with the various organizations, your ability to be a mover and shaker socially, your deeds and claims to fame marked down and your over all social prestige among the other players of Ithir.

This is the first place you will likely run in to a social stat! You can find this by typing 'i' while logged in to your character. On this field you will find Influence as a stat on your character.

Influence: This is a figure that is comprised of your social stats and skills. It effects things like lowering the difficulty on your +work rolls and giving you more praises each week to use.

On your sheet, there is a section for recognition. We will be using this to call out major events in a character's life that had an impact in the greater story of Ithir.

Elexia Marindur
Title: Uniting the Kinships
Description: Elexia Marindur worked her whole life to unite the Kinships of Larandor. When the title of Ithirel was placed on her and she lead them against the Host and eventually on to ships headed to Aarandor, she did something that had not been done in many thousands of years. She found a common cause for all elf kind.

The help file for reputation will be helpful for figuring out how to see all of this information. But this is where we will be storing the social information based on your interaction with the organizations of Ithir. Portal Guardians will be keeping a close eye on your level of Respect with the various Kinships, allowing or denying you passage to their cities.