Staff Ranks

All members of staff are important for helping the game to run smoothly and each rank takes of different responsibilities. Generally speaking, a rank will take on their own responsibilities as well as those of the ones below their current rank. Everyone's staff rank can be seen next to their name in game when viewing the +staff command.

=== Head Immortal===
Responsibilities: Maintain the games code, lore and staff. Final say on any disputes.
Limitations: Current Staff limitations -

===Lead Game Moderator===
Responsibilities: Game lore continuity. Oversight of GMs and Junior Staffer writing.
Limitations: Current Staff limitations

===Lead Coder===
Responsibilities: Develop the technology used by Ithir and help guide design decisions in to executable working code.
Limitations: Current Staff limitations

===Game Moderator===
Responsibilities: Run explorations, maintain the grid, write clues, write character secrets, contribute to the over all game lore, approve and process applications.
Limitation: Current Staff limitations

===Junior Game Moderator===
Inanna, Beryl
Responsibilities: Run GM plots, answer some jobs, play a God, help grid build when necessary.
Limitations: Can not play a Rank 1 Character

Joran, Thorin, Babi
Responsibilities: Help with code bugs and contribute new ideas to our code base when you can.
Limitations: None

===Player Helper===
Diagones, Zymandi, Arminel, Joran, Vindal, Selandriel, Garett, Ellyn, Escanor
Responsibilities: Reputation adjustments, answering questions on guest channel, help answer questions on public.
Limitations: None