Start Gear

When you are ready to start making gear for your character, the very first thing you need to consider is your finances. There are two main places in your inventory and on the grid where you will find resources and silver. One is your personal Inventory and the other is the Bank.

You can reach your inventory by typing 'i'. On a brand new character you will notice that you have 1000 silver on you and 9000 silver in the bank. The inventory allows you to see how much is in your bank account but not to access it from anywhere. You will, however, be able to spend that 1000 silver at any time. It is assumed to be somewhere on your person.

The Bank is located in the City of Thelos on the southern most portion of the city. While inside the bank you will be able to use the bank commands to deposit or withdraw money, resources and crafting materials if you so desire. To see the list of bank command type 'help bank' while in the bank itself.

Now that you know how to access your money, you will want to see the 'Crafting Guide' help file to walk you through the process of creating your new equipment.