Teaching And Training Guide

===Training Other Players===
On Ithir, it is possible for a player who has spent time investing in their character to be able to pass along some of their wisdom in a particular skill to another player who is looking to raise that skill. To do so the Trainer must have the skill or stat at least one rank higher than where the Trainee wishes to go (Example: Arcanith has Medium Wpn 3 and wishes to learn Medium Wpn 4, he must find someone with Medium Wpn 5 in order to get the XP discount). The Trainee will then receive a discount based on the rank of the Teaching skill the Trainer has.

Skill Discount
0 20%
1 25%
2 30%
3 35%
4 40%
5 45%
6 50%

In order to train another player, the following commands can be used depending on what exactly is being trained:

train/stat <trainee>=<stat> (Example: train/stat Arcanith=Strength)
train/skill <trainee>=<skill> (Example: train/skill Arcanith=Medium Wpn)
train/ability <trainee>=<ability> (This is currently not utilized, but may be in the future).

===Training Animal Retainers===
It is also possible to train both Small Animal and Large Animal retainers, giving them XP so their owners can improve their stats, skills, mitigations and add the ability to be a custom messenger (for Small Animals). To do this simply use:

train/retainer <owner>=<ID number>(,<ap to spend>)

The additional AP is optional and not required, but it lowers the Target Number for the roll to give the retainer XP. When rolling to train an animal retainer the roll is:

Command + Animal Ken at 0 (+ Current Training Difficulty of the Retainer).

Example: Arcanith wishes for his retainer, Simba the Lion to get some XP. Simba’s already been trained a few times and has a Current Training Difficulty of 3 (this value can be found by using @retainers/viewstats <ID number>). Reilenan has a Command of 3 and an Animal Ken of 3. This means the roll is as follows:

Command 3 + Animal Ken 3 at 3. The dice come up with 28 over and so Simba the Lion gains 28 xp.

However, if Reilenan wants to spend 10 AP on the train, the roll becomes:

Command 3 + Animal Ken 3 at -7.

If the dice come up the same as in the previous roll that 28 becomes 38.

===Training Slots===
The number of times you can train another player or an animal retainer is based on the higher skill rank of Animal Ken or Teaching. The table below lists the 'soft caps' on the number of times you can run the 'train' command each week. You can train more than the soft cap, but to do so requires an investment of AP equal to 100 - (15 * highest of Animal Ken or Teaching).

For example, if I have a Teaching of 4 and wish to train a 3rd person that week, it would cost me 100 - (15 * 4), or 40 AP.

Skill Slots
0 1 per week
1 1 per week
2 1 per week
3 2 per week
4 2 per week
5 3 per week
6 4 per week