Thalerith Fashion

The Thalerith dress mostly in leathers gathered from hunting the Krilkar, large lizards that also call the caverns under the desert, their home. After being treated, the leather is light, resistant to the punishing weather of the desert and hardy. Their armor is made of bone, often from those same lizards or large predators. Finally, they cover themselves in cloth wraps that have been specially treated with the ointment of a local plant.

The desert elves certainly prefer function over fashion, wearing very utilitarian clothing and willing to adapt to whatever environment they happen to find themselves in. They are fighters and survivors that often care little for sparkly things, and more for what will keep them alive.

Most adornments found in their fashion is in the way of trophies, that range from smaller to larger, and are worn proudly as a way to signal an individual’s accomplishments in life. Older warriors even pierce their skins with said trophies, as a way to celebrate their life struggles and honor their favored god, Rithor.