Thalerith Racial Ritual

Name: The Blessing of Karenar aka The Hunter's Sense


Shortly after the First Migration, and the Four Siblings found the land to claim as the Thalerith, a priestess of Rithor known as Karenar was out on a night hunt, and found herself separated from her hunting pack. The sands were particularly dangerous and violent that night, with the winds turning them into a dangerous sandstorm that forced Karenar to seek refuge. When the sandstorm died, she could hear many of the predators of the desert coming out to hunt, she prayed to Rithor to grant her the courage to face and embrace the danger, and it is said she was rewarded with a ritual that allowed her to stop being the hunted, and become the hunter. With the ritual completed, a small mystical sigil in the shape of a feline eye floated just off Karenar's forehead, and she found herself able to see in the dark, as well as see the heat coming off living things.

She found her way back to her hunting pack, and returned to her people with this knowledge granted by Rithor and the desert. The Thalerith adopted this ritual as their own, becoming part of the rite of passage by young Thalerith into adulthood, and sometimes performed by those that join the kinship through marriage.


Usually performed after a Thalerith's first adult hunt, the ritual has the Flame Speaker take some of the blood from the kill, using it to draw a mark in the shape of a feline eye on the forehead of the subject of the ritual. If the Flame Speaker is not available, a priest of Rithor can perform the ritual and in the absence of those two, any other Thalerith priest can perform the ritual. When an outsider joins the Thalerith through marriage, they receive the ritual after they are taken on their first hunt. The animal that the blood comes from must have been injured or killed by the outsider. The drawn eye will briefly glow red, then disappear as if absorbed by the skin when the ritual completes.

Effect: Darkvision (Able to see in the dark up to 300 feet, cannot have Infrared Vision active at the same time), Infrared Vision (Able to see heat signatures up to 100 feet, cannot have Darkvision active at the same time, can be blinded by heat signatures too intense if they are too close, like a torch of a campfire.)