The Old World

Until recently, the elves knew only Larandor. It was their home, the place of their birth where they lived immortal lives with the rest of the races of Larandor. Elves, humans, dwarves and hearthlings were all given the gift of immortality when Loran dreamed them to life. The four races of Larandor formed an alliance, swearing to come to one another's aide when asked of it.

For many ages, they lived in relative peace. The humans had their wars from time to time. Notably, the War of Brothers. And the Elvin Kinships had their spats as well. The War of Devotion and Estril’s Feast. But as with most things, time healed their wounds and peace was restored. It was not until the third age of Larandor that things began to change. Something dark stirred in the air and an unseen force moved through the lands, pushing and pulling, distorting the very fabric of their reality.

After a time, the gift of immortality was lost to the peoples of Larandor and they began to age and wither. Not long after losing their immortality, all the races came under a brutal attack by an army of creatures made out of blinding white fire that the Human scholars started referring to as the Host. Seeing no way to fight back against this force, the Ithiriel of the elves prayed to Aereth and asked for a way to save her people. Soon thereafter, the Kinships of the Elves would leave Larandor, breaking their alliance with the Humans, Dwarves and Hearthlings. They left their allies to wither and die in search of the renewal of their immortality and to escape this new menace. Larandor would later be nicknamed the Dying Lands.