Thelos City Of Shrines

When the elves came to the Immortal lands, landing in what is now known as Lorawin, they came across a strange device. A portal. Cautious at first, they sent a group of five warriors, one from each of the five kinships through the portal to see if passage was safe. Those five Portal Walkers as they are now known, found Thelos.

Their initial arrival found a silent city built in to the side of the mountain. There were no signs of intelligent life still living in the ruins of the city. But they did find symbols and shrines of the Eleven Gods of the Elves. Open, but empty, they explored the shrines one by one. They waded in the waters of Aereth, and walked the Gardens of Gala. They felt the somber nature of Glanor and Estril and when they came upon the Shrine of Baridon, something happened.

Though it is thought to be an exaggeration, the Portal Walkers told the tale of a voice, booming, shaking the stones around the shrine of Baridon. “Selfish, treacherous elves. Your actions will condemn you. Step no further in to my house, for it is a place of loyalty.” And with that, the mighty stones that built up the shrine of Baridon began to stack upon one another, blocking all entrance in to the mighty courthouse of the Gods.

When the Portal Walkers returned to the Kinships in Lorawin, their tale was not well received. The warning was set aside for a chance at prosperity in the new and unfamiliar land. And so, the five kinships marched their dwindled numbers in to the portal and began to found and clean and rehabilitate the city to Thelos. New buildings were built beside ancient ones, and the City of Shrines was alive once more. The various Priesthoods spent time to clean and refresh their patrons’ shrines, beginning to worship the Gods that brought them across the sea to the Immortal Lands.

Finding the other portals, and establishing five very separate cities for their own, the volatile kinships of the elves agreed on only one thing. This city was to remain sacred. As such, they elected three Holy Council members of the High Priests. Those council members agree on these two rules:

1. No harm will be brought to anyone within the city of Thelos.
2. No claim will be made to any of Thelos’ property by any Kinship.

The city remains the central point or worship across the five kinships of the elves. Though there is tension between them, they have learned to set aside their anger and distrust in the name of worship. That peace is kept by the Blood Templars of Baridon.