Theme Canon

Because this is an Original Theme setting, we'd like to be absolutely clear on what is canon in Ithir and what is not. Generally speaking we conform to popular concepts and ideas in media, but there are some exceptions.

PREJUDICE- There is no prejudice bias on gender, skin color or sexuality. Leadership roles can be filled by anyone, even in those Kinships who put stock in to a line of succession.

DIVERSITY- Ithir is a racially diverse game. Though various regions may tend towards certain coloration traits, they are not defined solely by those traits.

RELIGION- Like the Gods of the Vikings, the Gods of Ithir are thought to be living breathing beings. The religious structure is very solidly polytheistic with no one God taking point over the others. Even though each elf chooses a patron for themselves, they are free to worship any of the Gods freely. An individual's patron is chosen as an elf begins to form a bond with the teachings of one God over the others.

BOOKS- Books and writing are readily available to all elves. Though they are hand written, with as much time as an elf has in their lifespan, it is not unusual to make copies or volumes of a book over time. The Duindar Kin in particular have a vested interested in keeping knowledge in written form.

SEX - Sexual purity is not a thing in Ithir. No value is placed on virginity and no one is held to any such standard or stigma. As children are conceived as a rite to Brundir and only by his blessing, there is no need for contraception and no unplanned pregnancies exist. Two individuals (of any gender) must submit themselves willingly before the Priesthood of Brundir to be blessed with a child. The only stigmas around sexual relationships are those marriages who have written an oath in their marriage contract that forbids them from sleeping with someone else. Even then, the act is only looked down on for the breaking of the oath. However open this society is, there are still taboos against public nudity, incest, bestiality, etc.

MARRIAGE- Marriage falls under the approval of the head of each house. It is their duty to ensure the marriage is being entered willingly by each party. The houses must discuss between them which house the couple will belong to at the signing of their contract. Though many marriages are made for political gain, most marriages are made for love. With such a long life to live, elves put a lot of stock in to the idea of love. To bar a couple in love from marriage is a very dangerous thing indeed.

CLASSISM - Largely speaking, classicism does not exist in Aarandor. With the exception of the Lorandi Kin, all families are looked at as having equal rights to power. The only social rank differences have to do with responsibility. The head of house or government official has more responsibility to their people and thus are held in a high, respected regard. The Lorandi follow a more traditionally human form of government where a family will report to a family with higher status. A marquis falls under the rule of a duchess who falls under the rule of the King. There is no commoner class called out in Ithir, though some characters will play a more common role in society.

IMPRISONMENT - There is no large scale prison system in Ithir. Though the Blood Guard of Baridon have holding cells, they are largely used for temporary collection of unruly individuals until their head of house can come collect them.

BUIlDING SETTLEMENTS- Much of Aarandor is undiscovered and unclaimed. As such, the Kinships are encouraged to explore and tame their new world. When they have cleared out a newly discovered land and wish to begin a new holding, they must have the means to establish and hold it. Building new villages and towns is difficult and takes much investment and sacrifice. But the rewards for doing so can be plentiful.

TRAVEL - Traveling between cities is really only done by use of the Portals. With so much of the land unmapped and undiscovered, walking, riding a horse or sailing between the different cities is often a deadly endeavor. Travel must be taken at a slow steady pace.

KINSHIP FACTION - Your reputation with a kinship is your key to having access to their cities. If you've done nothing to endear yourself to another kinship, they will not let you pass in to their territories. The elves are naturally suspicious of one another's intentions.