Timeline of Historical Events

12000 BA - Loran dreams the Elves in to existence, breathing in to them her elegance and ambition and granting them with Immortality.

11000 BA - The Elves come together as people and the First Kingdom is born under the leadership of Ithiriel Shalath Serannar.

10750 BA - Ithiriel Shalath Serannar passes and his young son Laenor becomes the new Ithiriel.

10200 BA - The Ogre Wars - The Elves engage in a bloody and lengthy series of engagements against neighboring ogre clans in an attempt to conquer the ogre lands.

10175 BA -The elves win the Ogre Wars, but it isn’t without cost. Many elven souls were returned to the Wheel, and many blame Ithiriel Laenor for what they feel was too high a price to pay for the land they gained. This is the beginning of the fracturing of the First Kingdom.

10000 BA - The First Migration - The First Kingdom fractures and the Elves form bonds with others of similar beliefs that evolve into Kinships. Laenor abandons the title of Ithiriel of the Elven Kin as he fails to keep the Elven people unified. The Duindar, Faenor, Lorandi and Thalerith all migrate north, while the Aeran stay behind at their seaside birth home.

8000 BA - War of Brothers - The human war that was started at the unexpected death of their King Andrion Dormer the Bold of the Western Kingdom of Fellowes. His two sons, Prince Serlow of the North and Prince Owun of the South, fought over the crown. The Lorandi Kin sided with Owun and helped him win the crown, making the first alliance of Elves and Men.

5000 BA - The War of Devotion - The first of the Elven Wars started when Devolnu the Flame Seer spoke of Loran’s Fury, claiming that she was disappointed in her children for their stagnation. The Scholars of the Duindar Kin challenged the Flame Seer of Thalerith, stating that whims had no place without evidence, claiming their practices to be barbaric. The insult was so grievous that in the defeat of the Duindar, the Thalerith left no book unburnt. Most of the first writing of the elves was lost at that time.

4500 BA - The Hearthling’s Sorrow - An infectious blight swarmed over their crops and put the Hearthlings on the brink of starvation. They turned to the elves for help and the Duindar Kin were the only ones who answered. They developed a way to kill off the blight and ward their crops. These advances in magic and technology helped to rekindle the Duindar Kinships passion for learning and they established a great Library.

3705 BA - The Theft of the Crystal of Anu - The Crystal of Anu was a sacred focus to the Thalerith Warlord Xarvo, blood red in color and warm to the touch, or so they say. One evening, it was stolen from around his neck without a trace. As the search began, it lead them to the trail of a Lorandi politician who had been visiting the area. They killed him without trial and set out to end the Lorandi Kinship completely. This started the Five Year War. Or as it would come to be known, the Scorched Earth War.

3700 BA - Scorched Earth War - The war that lasted for five years was finally ended when the Lorandi Dark Mage, Thoumas the Outsider, who stole the Crystal used it to make a great fissure in the earth, scorching a line between the northern and southern Kinships. The fighting finally stopped, but the scar would always remain.

2505 BA - The Battle of Growth - A generation after the Scorched Earth War, the elves were still unable to completely heal the land. The scar dividing Aeran, Duindar and Thalerith to the south and Lorandi and Faenor to the north, seemed to be poisoning them against one another. Attempts were made to give life to the scarred soil once more, but they were still at odds.

2500 BA - The Second Migration - Seeing the Lorandi and Thalerith at one another's throats, seeing the Aeran’s attempts at soothing and the Duindar’s attempts at innovating fail, the Faenor decided to close their gates to their misguided allies, and to expand Khelwen, their ancestral city, deeper into the caverns of the icy mountains and away from the troubles of the other Kinships.

1500 BA - Rain of Fire - Bright white clouds that rained down white fire. It lasted for three days and then suddenly stopped.

750 BA - The Battle of Bloody Harbor - The human kingdom of Fellowes, under the leadership of Admiral Willard Benson and the Lorandi Navy under the direction of Duke Vorath Tenlindil, attacked Loramar Harbor. Together, the Lorandi and Human ships attempted to take the coastal territory. Between stormy waters and the unmatched skill of the Aeran Raiders, three-fourths of the human ships were destroyed and the entire aiding fleet of Lorandi ships were sunk. Willard Benson was publicly executed while Vorath Tenlindil was captured and later ransomed back to his people by Admiral Ataril Marindur.

600 BA - Nearly two thousand years after the Faenor’s departure, a great unifier was born to the Aeran people, Elexia Marindur.

420 BA - Elexia brought the four remaining Elven Kinships together to help heal the Great Scar that still poisoned the earth. Seeing that it would not work without the Faenor, she was able to convince them to help as well. The Faenor vowed to lend their aid only when the others were in dire straights.In accomplishing this, the people urge her to claim the ancient sacred title of Ithiriel of the Elven Kin and she accepts.

350 BA - Estril’s Feast - A secret conclave of elves calling themselves the Harbingers came forward to stop the Ithiriel from continuing her unification work. They were rounded up and all five hundred of them were put to Estril’s Axe. Such discord would not be spread again under the watchful protection of the Ithiriel and by Estril’s hand, the Harbingers were reaped from the earth.

30 BA - A Mortal Strife - A little over three hundred years after Estril’s Feast, the land began to change. Slowly, and for the first time in their existence, the elves began to feel the weight of mortality sink in to their very being. They were not the only ones who felt it, all immortal races began to age and wither and die. Unable to locate the source, the allied races began to succumb to the burdens of mortality. Watching their human allies die pushed the Ithiriel Elexia to find a more permanent solution for her people.

5 BA - The Eradication War - Twenty-five years after the races lost their immortality, an army of celestial beings known as the Host unleashed a devastating offensive on the Races of Ithir, with the single purpose of eradicating them all. All the races came together under a single banner to fight against this new, seemingly unstoppable enemy. The urgency for the elves to find that more permanent solution, increased.

0 PA The Third Migration - The Ithiriel Elexia prayed to Aereth for safe passage to the legendary Immortal Lands, to restore immortality to her people and spare them from the fate they were now facing. Eventually the trip was planned and all five Kinships set sail under her leadership. There was a terrible storm at sea and three-fourths of the elves who had set sail were lost to the depths, including their leader, and all beasts turned to dust, leaving only the elves. When the fog cleared and the first sliver of Aarandor, the Harbor of Lorawin, came in to view, the elves who were left felt the bonds of mortality lift from their shoulders once more.

10 PA - Thelos Established - The City of Thelos was established and the first three Holy Council members elected. The City begins to flourish as the hub of Aarandor.

16 PA - The Flood - The first settlement of the Duindar elves is wiped out in a massive flood which toppled many of their treetop homes and riverbank encampments. They retreat to the Isalspire and start to build with it at the heart of their city.

51 PA - The Fury of the Blood God - An elf calling himself Thalion of the Tribunal and identifying himself as an Oracle of Baridon arrived to Thelos with a warning regarding the sealed shrine of Baridon in Thelos. He shared the Lord Baridon was angry at the elves for betraying the oaths to the other races by abandoning them to the Host and coming to Aarandor. Now the elves were to make a choice, either appease Baridon or replace him. While the Lorandi, Thalerith and Faenor wanted to offer their immortality to appease the Blood God, the Duindar and Aeran were against it. With the majority of the elves supporting the sacrifice, the gods took the immortality away from the elven kin, leaving them with the hope to find a way to reclaim it.

54 PA - The New Leaf - A terrorist group calling themselves the Sin'quelas, the New Leaf, attacked the Senate Chambers within Isalspire during an attempt on the lives of First Citizen Theleria Laenorin and Senator Teroleus Naevon. The group wanted to install a new Senate, and made threats to continue their attacks until this happened. Rather than give in to their demands, Theleria dismissed the Senate and established instead an Assembly of Houses, a group representing each house that would be responsible for electing the Duindar's leader, the Imperator.