Torth Rituals And Practices

Individuals initiated into Torth’s priesthood tend to be very creative, and often spend time designing items to be sent to the master crafters to create. Priests and Elders often serve as financial and architectural advisors to the different Houses, and most Houses often either have a member of the House initiated into the priesthood, or contract one on retainer for such purposes. Whether one leans towards the creative, or is more financially minded, a priest of Torth is usually welcome amongst all social circles, and highly valued by those that like making money.

Services: During services, priests of Torth usually preach about the importance of working hard, and taking upon your fair share of responsibilities, while also safeguarding the fruit of those labors, which usually includes the hearth and family. Their services tend to be very elaborated and well planned, often adorned with recent pieces of crafting overseen by initiates and priests.

Blessing of Prosperity - A simple blessing offered in passing, where the priest presses his or her thumb against the forehead of the faithful, asking Torth to keep them ever prosperous. It’s a typical blessing that the faithful line up for after service at the shrines, although often it’s also used as farewell when the priest is visiting someone important or familiar.