Travel Guide

Most travel between the regions is done by portal. If you are permitted by the Portal Guardians to pass in to the Realm they protect, very flawlessly and effortlessly you end up exactly where you intended on the other side. Mechanically, you must have 50 points of respect in a Kinship to be able to use their portal. The portals are located in the Stone Gateway in Thelos and their location in each kinship hub city is unique.

===Traveling Open Hexes===
When a hex on the map is discovered its fog of war is removed revealing the terrain under it. At that time, it is open for settlement (if settlements are allowed there). Once a settlement is built in the hex, it becomes traversable. Infrastructure such as roads are assumed with the cost of purchasing the settlement. For instance, if the Faenor and Lorandi territories share adjacent hexes, they can simply walk from settlement to settlement unimpeded.

===Settlement Locks===
By default, the gate in to any hub city (Khelgar, Lorawin, etc) requires the same respect needed to pass through the portals from Thelos. Unlike the Thelos portals, the ruler of the city can choose to change the threshold at any time for a cost of 300 military resources (via +request). Of course, lowing that threshold simulates a lowering of defenses as well and may make you more vulnerable to attack, but the option is there.

On top of that, an org can decide to lock one of its settlements in this same way at any given time. The cost to lock a settlement down is 1000 Military Resources to have the lock put in place. Once the lock is in place the Settlement Owner can raise or lower the faction needed to enter their settlement at the cost of 300 Military Resources (via +request).

===Travel Simulation for Plot===
While we are well aware that people will move through these rooms in a matter of seconds, when it comes to larger plot points (such as marching your army) we want to take travel time in to consideration. Please use this scale to calculate how long it would take your large plot pieces to move from place to place:

1 Land Hex = 3 Game Days (1 Real Day)
1 Water Hex = 1 Game Day (1/3rd Real Day)