The Watchers of Aarandor were given one simple directive. Keep Aarandor safe from invaders. The very essence of the continent itself manifested the Watchers on this directive, as they are with out beginning, timeless in eternity.

Though not much more is known about the watchers, their reach, or their connections to one another, as each Kinship has encountered their own watchers, a pattern has emerged: One General, One Sage and an army of elementals at their command. Here are the known Watchers of Aarandor:

Ice Watcher General - Female, friend of the Faenor
Ice Watcher Sage - Male, deceased
Tree Watcher General - Male, friend of the Duindar
Tree Watcher Sage - Female, archer, unstable alliance
Rock Watcher General - Male, friend of the Lorandi
Rock Watcher Sage - Male, friend of the Lorandi
Water Watcher General - Male, friend to the Aeran
Water Watcher Sage - Female, friend to the Aeran
Sand Watcher General - Male, friend of the Thalerith
Sand Watcher Sage - Unknown, friend of the Thalerith