Work Guide

This guide will go over the ‘work’ command, how to use it and what is going on behind the scenes with it. Generally speaking, work is used as a way to help an organization gain resources.

===How to use the Work Commands===
work <organization>,<type>
work The Blood Templars,military --- This is doing work for The Blood Templars that will give both you and The Blood Templars some military resources. Running this command costs 15 AP.

work/invest <organization>,<type>,<amount>
work/invest The Blood Templars,military,10 --- The invests 10 for your military resources back in to The Blood Templars work modifiers. Meaning that you are spending resources now to help your organization earn resources more easily in the future.

work/score <organization>
work/score The Blood Templars -- This will show how much you have worked or invested for your org so you can keep track of your contributions.

===How Work Functions Behind the Scenes===
work <organization>,<type>
This command will look at your organization's work rolls and roll the best combination of your dice for the available rolls at a difficulty that is lowered by your personal Influence score. Your Influence score is visible on your inventory and can be seen by typing ‘i’.

So a work roll behind the scene might look like this:
@check intellect + economics at 15

Things to note:
Your result will be distributed up as 80% to you and 20% to your organization.
The starting difficulty for a work roll is 15. Your Influence will lower that difficulty meaning that someone with an Influence of 5 will roll at a difficulty of 10.

work/invest <organization>,<type>,<amount>
This command allows you to invest a certain amount of your resources in to an organization to raise its work modifiers. Raising your modifiers will increase your effectiveness of your normal work rolls.

When you roll, your influence skill will lower your roll difficulty. The success of your roll will determine how many resources are going in to the pool. And the pool will raise by a percentage. Having 28/100 means you are 28% of the way to your next mod goal.

When your org resource modifier is raised, it also raises the number of dice and bonus keep dice.
Bonus Dice = Mod
Bonus Keep Dice = Mod/2