Xp Tax

XP Tax
===What is XP Tax===
XP Tax refers to the progressive increase in the base skill cost. This is calculated based on a character’s total unmodified spending cost.

An un-taxed skill will look like this:
Rank 1: 10
Rank 2: 20
Rank 3: 30
Rank 4: 40
Rank 5: 50

Every character's starting XP is free. Meaning that when your character is brand new, the amount of XP you recieve at start will not be taxed. This also means that every character will have a different unmodified spending cost to start based on their age and fealty.

===How is XP Tax Calculated===
The formula for tax is that for every 5 taxable XP spent, all skill costs rise by 1%.

For example, if you were to buy every rank of the skill 'ride' consecutively, your taxable xp costs will look like this:
Rank 1: 10
Rank 2: 20
Rank 3: 32
Rank 4: 44
Rank 5: 60

===XP Tax Philosophy===
The XP tax is used to help balance the game. As time goes on it will become increasingly more difficult for your character to learn new skills. This allows us to more gradually distribute power across the player base while maintaining a sense of progression for all characters. It also helps us to ensure that new players are not so drastically behind in skills that they can not function in the world of Ithir.