The Aeran Kinship

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When they made landfall on the North Eastern shore of Ithir, the Aeran decided to establish their holding here on the rocky sholes and weather-worn sea cliffs. The harshness of this environment weathered this kinship, leaving them clinging to memories of their former lives, longing to sail and travel once more. Though the journey took them many months, they still say that the view from their highest cliff sides gives them a view of the home they left behind on a rare clear day. An oppressive churn of the ocean below their cliff sides has left this kinship cynical and unwilling to adapt. Though they may be stuck here, they make efforts in the calm of summer to keep up their traditions of sailing and exploring the deeps surrounding the untamed lands. Their connection to the sea is unending.


A council of leaders rules this Kinship divided among Civility, War and Spirituality. Leaders groom their successors for many years before they pass on the burden of leadership, making the second in command of each position often equally as powerful as the leader themselves. Family name has very little to do with how one's life progresses here.


Only by remembering our sins can we possibly hope for redemption. Hold fast and keep a beacon to the east.


Pirates, Nomadic peoples, House Greyjoy.