Elves are an immortal race. Meaning that, their lives are not ended by old age. Instead, they go through three life cycles: Childhood, Adulthood and Old Age. These three cycles are very distinct and deliberate phases in the life of an elf, choosing to pass from one to another based on experience. They are roughly as follows:

0 to 50 - Childhood - In this phase of life, an elf is still dependent on their parents for care-giving and nurturing. Though an elf ages more slowly than mankind in this phase of life, their minds are quick to develop. They do not reach physical maturity until about the age of 50.
Note: In terms of this game - We will not be accepting any characters under the age of 50. And none considered to be in childhood.

50 to 500 - Adulthood - This is the age in which an elf experiences the majority of their lives. Battles are fought, lessons are learned, crafts are mastered and so on. Most characters will fall into this era of an elves life.

500+ - Old Age - It is only in Old Age where an elf will show signs of aging. This is the withered portion of the life of an elf where instead of honing their craft, their focus is passing on what they have learned to the next generation. When they choose to ascend and embrace Glanor’s gift, their life will come to an end.