A character's story actions that a GM responds to.

@action/newaction [<crisis #>=]<story of action>
@action/tldr <action #>=<title>
@action/category <action #>=<category>
@action/roll <action #>=<stat>,<skill>
@action/ooc_intent <action #>=<ooc intent, then post-submission questions>
@action/question <action #>=<ask a question>
@action/cancel <action #>
@action/readycheck <action #>
@action/submit <action #>
@action [<action #>]
@action/invite <action #>=<character>[,<character2>,...]
@action/setaction <action #>=<action text>
@action/setsecret[/traitor] <action #>=<secret action>
@action/setcrisis <action #>=<crisis #>
@action/add <action#>=<resource or 'ap' or 'army'>,<amount or army ID#>
@action/makepublic <action #>
@action/toggletraitor <action #>
@action/toggleattend <action #>
@action/noscene <action #>
Remaining Count:

Creating /newaction costs Action Points (ap). Requires 'tldr' which is a
short summary in a few words of the action, a category, stat/skill for
the dice check (just pick whatever might be plausible, GMs can adjust it
if they disagree), and /ooc_intent which is the what sort of outcome you
are hoping for, whether that's reputation adjustments, some advancement
in a story, the favor of important npcs, magical power, whatever. It's just
to make sure that GMs know what you have in mind for what you're trying
to accomplish. Use /submit after all options, when ready for GM review. GMs
may require more info or ask you to edit with /setaction and /submit again.
Categories: combat, scouting, support, diplomacy, sabotage, research.

With /invite you ask others to assist your action. They use /setaction or
/cancel, and require all the same fields except category. A covert action
can be added with /setsecret. Optional /traitor (and /toggletraitor) switch
makes your dice roll detract from goal. With /setcrisis this becomes your
response to a Crisis. Allocate resources with /add by specifying a type
(ap, army, social, silver, etc.) and amount, or the ID# of your army. The
/makepublic switch allows everyone to see your action after a GM publishes
an outcome. If you prefer offscreen resolution, use /noscene toggle. To
ask questions for GMs, use /question.

Using /toggleattend switches whether your character is physically present,
or arranging for the action's occurance in other ways. One action may be
attended per crisis update; all others must be passive to represent
simultaneous response by everyone involved. Up to 5 attendees are allowed
per crisis response action, unless it is /noscene.

Actions are private by default, but there's a small xp reward for marking
a completed action as public with the /makepublic switch.

To see your current action availability, please use action/remaining.