@sheet - Displays a character's sheet.

@sheet <character name>
@sheet/social <character name>
@sheet/plots <character>=<#>
@sheet/actions <character>=<#>
@sheet/background <character>
@sheet/personality <character>
@sheet/recognition <character>
@sheet/knacks <character>

Displays the character sheet of a player character. Only public
information is displayed for a character you do not own, such
as public relationships, and comments which are public statements
and widely known gossip.

@sheet/background displays a character's background written in
the character's own words. @sheet/info displays notes about the
character's personality. @sheet/relationships is a brief outline
of the character's relationships. @sheet/comments displays quotes
from other characters that display their publicly known opinions
upon that character. @sheet/recognition displays public actions
that have earned the character fame or notoriety.