View or set goals for your character

goals [<goal id>
goals/create <summary>/<description>
goals/summary <goal id>=<new summary>
/description <goal id>=<new description>
/scope <goal id>=<scope>
/plot <goal id>=<plot ID, if any>
/status <goal id>=<status>
/ooc_notes <goal id>=<notes>
goals/rfr <goal id>[,<beat id>]=<IC summary>/<request to staff>

Valid scopes: 'Heartbreakingly Modest', 'Modest', 'Reasonable',
'Ambitious', 'Venomously Ambitious', 'Megalomanic'.
Valid statuses: 'Succeeded', 'Failed', 'Abandoned', 'Dormant',

The goals command is for creating and tracking the goals of your
character, and then for asking for staff updates where appropriate
based on scenes that have occurred. Creating a goal for your character
does not require staff approval - just decide what your character wants,
how grand (or mild) their ambitions are, then hook it up to whatever
current plot is appropriate for advancing it. For example, if your
character desperately wants to learn magic, you would set that as a goal,
and if a plot seems likely to lead to that you would set that plot as how
you're pursuing your goal. Then if during a plot beat (an action, event,
or flashback) or a scene something happened that would advance your
character's goal, you would submit a goals/rfr to ask for staff ruling on
any game results. You may submit an rfr once every 30 days.