Haggle to get a discount on goods
haggle/findbuyer <material>[,target]=<amount>[,minimum bonus]
haggle/findseller <material>[,target]=<amount>[,minimum bonus]
This can buy/sell materials and resources. You must first attempt to find
a buyer or seller for your deal. Once found, you can /roll to attempt to
negotiate the terms of the deal with them.
Both looking for a deal and negotiating the agreement costs 5 AP per
attempt. A deal can be found for another character to do the haggling
roll by specifying an optional target in findbuyer/findseller. If a
minimum bonus is specified, the deal will only be sent to them if the
search roll gets that bonus or higher, otherwise the deal is discarded.
The maximum bonus that can be returned from a search attempt is 25.
Resources can be bought or sold by specifying the type of resource as
the 'material'.