page - send private message

page[/switches] [<player>,<player2>,... = <message>]
page[/switches] [<player> <player2> <player3>...= <message>]
page [<message to last paged player>]
tell <player> <message>
ttell [<message to last paged player>]
reply [<message to player who last paged us and other receivers>]
page/list <number>
page/allow <name>
page/block <name>
page/reply <message>

last - shows who you last messaged
list - show your last <number> of tells/pages (default)

Send a message to target user (if online), or to the last person
paged if no player is given. If no argument is given, you will
get a list of your latest messages. Note that pages are only
saved for your current session. Sending pages to multiple receivers
accepts the names either separated by commas or whitespaces.

/allow toggles whether someone may page you when you use @settings/ic_only.
/block toggles whether all pages are blocked from someone.