The Duindar Kinship

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A subsect of the elves who landed in these untamed lands, the Duindar, were rather optimistic about their new adventure. They banded together and headed up the rivers and into the nearby forests. A vast network of waterways flowed from the Southern Mountains towards the northern sea, making the perfect canal and waterway for these inventive elves to establish their new home. They used the trees and the water around them to invent machinery and vast networks of connected platforms, shipping routes and other hidden paths in this organized chaos they would call home. Though their choice came with a great downfall. A vast unsteadiness. The springs would see these riverlands completely flooded, toppling trees and ruining the thick undergrowth on a whim. Their winters were bitterly cold without the leaves on the trees and the summers hot, leaving them little to do but evolve to this truly unsteady climate.


A very civil Republic of elves who elect their representatives in to the Senate. The Senate then serves the First Citizen, whose power extends only as a unifying voice for the Senate. Wholey, the people govern themselves through their elected officials.


Look past the means to fully embrace the ends. The pursuit and mastery of knowledge will bring us prosperity.


Roman and Greek Empires, Maesters of Westeros, Elves of Lothlórien, Kirin Tor