The Faenor Kinship

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On this new, untamed, land, there is a very vast, very dominating legion of mountains that run down the center of the land, a bit to the south. They are tall, and very nearly always capped by snow. The Faenor that decided to settle in this portion of the land were the most pure. Weary of the life they left behind, put off by the viciousness of the other kinships, they secluded themselves in the purity of the fallen snow. Tucked away in the mountain passes and under the softly falling blankets of white, they built their homes. In that cold, quiet place, these elves became lethargic, selfish and even lazy. Having no care for conflict, no desire to meddle in the pain of others, they closed their doors to those they had traveled with, locking out the outside world completely. Of course, such an insular society has its own woes, but those woes are not for the outside world.


A Council of Five Houses, each with a Lord to rule them. All five with equal power, the group giving heed to the House that needs help at that moment. They seek to make their weakest links stronger, rather than breaking them.


Purity and peace are kept intact without the involvement of outsiders. Tainted are those who look away from the light.


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