The Lorandi Kinship

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Undoubtedly the most determined of the kinships, the Lorandi made their way all the way to the south, over the bleak mountains and they were rewarded for their diligence. For when they crested the peaks, they found an endless field of harvest. Waving grasslands welcomed them, and enveloped their very way of life. Gluttony, greed, and a hoarding of sorts took over this people of plenty. Obsession over dominion, over plenty, became their way of life. Swift watchmen on horses were established by all the grassland lords to keep their domains prosperous. They became swift in all manner of the word, in combat and in judgement.


A Monarchy built on a cascading power society. Royal, Ducal, March. Each having say over those below him. Their military is united under one royal army, though they govern their own lands as they see fit.


The prosperity of our people continues on by the protective actions we take. You would not leave precious treasures undefended.


England, France, House Tyrell