Priesthood Of Estril

Symbol - A bound teal soul on a gray background.

It is said that the first priests of Estril were inspired to be her knights. They went out in the world and hunted down the primal evils of Ithir, the creatures of nightmare that were not part of Loran's dream. This quest is referred to as the First Culling. They showed no mercy, no pause. They were Estril's Reapers, and they made sure that a culling of such magnitude would not have to be performed ever again. Once their task was completed, they shed their black armors and revealed the light gray robes under them. They shared with their people the necessity of punishment, and importance of purging those souls that could poison the Wheel of Souls. The Priesthood of Estril know the importance of her role, and the terror she entices in those who hear her stories. Rather than embracing the dark tendencies of such a foreboding warning, they prefer to take on worship of Estril as a light Goddess, who keeps them safe from evil. She is thanked for taking on the least appealing but incredibly important role in the Pantheon. For without her, who knows what sort of evils would walk Ithir. Priests of Estril also share in her burden, acting as executioners for those souls no longer meant for this world. It is their sacred duty to carry out the killing blow that will then allow her to take up and reap the souls of the sinful.


Name Rank Title Description
Ingerith 1 High Priestess
Naxalia 2 Elder
Archarnor 3 Priest
Eldrin 3 Priestess
Queleri 4 Initiate
Llaryn 4 Initiate
Joran 4 Initiate
Volith 5 Faithful