Priesthood Of Gala

Symbol - A single light green flower on a dark green background.

It is said that the first priests of Gala were inspired to travel to a secret glade within a forest located not far from the Valley of Toren. There they learned how to tend to the soil and to make it bear fruit. They learned of the healing arts, restoration magic and how to treat and mend wounds. They learned how to enjoy life, to live each moment to the fullest and get the most out of everything they did. They eventually returned to their people, to share the knowledge they had gathered. The Priesthood of Gala often focuses on healing. Through the Goddess of Restoration, all can be forgiven. Wounds can be closed, damaged things can be rebuilt. She lends hope in dark times to all those who worship her. Those who claim to have seen her, see her face in the trees and hear her footsteps in the gardens.


Name Rank Title Description
Valeria 1 High Priestess
Starling 2 Elder
Luthien 2 Elder
Aeryn 2 Elder
Eilidh 3 Priestess
Zedmir 3 Priest
Hrefna 3 Priestess
Kythaela 3 Priestess
Cordelia 4 Initiate
Qahir 4 Initiate
Leda 5 Faithful The Unicorn
Nesara 5 Faithful