Priesthood Of Garwen

Symbol - A curling gust of white wind on a light blue background.

It is said the first priests of Garwen were inspired to journey to the far north, to the highest mountain in the cold ranges of Larandor, the place that would eventually be known as Khelwen, the Crystalline Peak during the First Migration. The journey was dangerous, with strong winds buffeting at them, and the purest of snow heavily falling. When they reach the peak, the skies cleared and a soothing breeze welcome them. There, those priests learned about goodness and the pure heart and brought that knowledge back to their people. The Priesthood of Garwen worship her on mountain tops and in pure white snow. She is the air around us and the wind that moves us. Pure and true. They are quick to point out questionable actions among the Kinships and thus are looked at as the moral compass of all elf kind. Their time is spent helping those in need make decisions that will favor the gods rather than upset them.


Name Rank Title Description
Boros 1 High Priest
Kaelyn 2 Elder
Delsaran 3 Priest
Eirianwen 3 Priestess
Conall 3 Priest
Zelda 4 Initiate

Ruler: Boros


The Calm

The construction of The Calm settlement, dedicated to Garwen and sanctioned by her priesthood, has been built in to the stony mountainside to look as though it has always belonged there. Natural and pure, just as their patron deity would have it. Much of the interior of the settlement is built in the style of Khelwen to pay homage to the Faenorian benefactors who gave so much to see this settlement built.