Priesthood Of Glanor

Symbol - A dead tree in black on a white background.

It is said that the first priests of Glanor were inspired to sleep. It was a dreamless sleep, but when they woke up, they did so with an understanding of silence, of nothingness, of peace. They mourned the time they lost during their sleep, but moved forward after doing so. Rather than return to their people right away, they meditated on this newfound knowledge and eventually went back to their communities to share it with those that had already mourned them, thinking them dead. The Priesthood of Glanor are a very somber, reflective group. Their worship comes in helping those who grieve through the process, showing mercy and understanding in the face of overwhelming sadness. They are also the guides in to the wheel. When an elf has lived their life and grows weary of the living, the priests of Glanor help them back to the wheel. This process is called the Ritual of Returning, where in, the elf gives away their worldly possessions and bids their loves ones farewell. The Priest of Glanor then offers them a drink from the Cup of Returning that will put them in to their final sleep.


Name Rank Title Description
Deoca 1 High Priest
Elisera 3 Priestess
Volscaeva 3 Priestess
Freyvidr 4 Initiate