Priesthood Of Loran

Symbol - Open hands holding a golden spark on a white background.

It is said that the first priests of Loran were inspired to learn by doing. They made the first fires, they built the first tools. When the elves began building dwelling they suggested the first improvements to those designs. Their drive to not was a moment such, that their sleep was spent dreaming about the future, and the paths the elves were to follow. Those first priests made sure to travel often, spreading the findings of their dreams to all elves they would encounter. The Priesthood of Loran are the dreamers of the religious group. They push for innovation. For action, for settling grievances or going to war. Their hands are never idle, always looking to improve, to learn a new skill, to build something new.


Name Rank Title Description
Rawlin 1 High Priest
Averadus 2 Elder
Seren 2 Elder
Hatharal 4 Initiate
Saga 5 Faithful
Aurri 5 Faithful
Yvette 5 Faithful
Aeretheo 5 Faithful

Ruler: Rawlin



This wooden keep was built in May of 53 PA as a tribute city in dedication to Loran the Dreamer. It was the first Priesthood-run settlement to be built in Aarandor, which no doubt makes the're ambitious patron goddess joyful.