Priesthood Of Torth

Symbol - A white mountain peak on a dark brown background.

It is said that the first priests of Torth were inspired to travel to a cavern within the mountain range known as the Spine of Larandor. There, legend says, they found a workshop adorned with the finest gold, and scrolls, written in golden ink that showed those first priests the knowledge of how to build and create, and fortify. This was to be the first shrine of Torth, and the priests returned to their people with the knowledge of the god, and became the first builders and protectors of their communities. The location of the shrine has been lost for millenia now, but the worship of Torth remains as strong as ever. The Priesthood of Torth are very strong protectors and builders. They are the walls of the pantheon, building strong foundations and fortifying property of the elves. It is said that through the blessings of Torth, ordinary items can become enchanted in to something more. The Great Creator provides when he is well worshiped.


Name Rank Title Description
Iridessa 1 High Priestess
Galeren 2 Elder
Nyrena 4 Initiate