Vassal of Aeran

Sigil: A seagull flying towards the horizon
Words: No Path Is Left Uncovered

The legendary explorer, Nylenth, is the founder of House Marindur. The house was born from a group of explorers and devout followers of Aereth called the Marinduwin, the Tide Seekers. She was their leader for many years, and the group was responsible for many of the discoveries around the coasts of Larandor. They ventured inland as well, but their fascination was with anything related to the seas, and the islands that surrounded Larandor. In preparation for the Third Migration, House Marindur was responsible for charting their journey to Aarandor and sending scout vessels ahead to look for any potential dangers the elves might run into. They are known for being a fearless house, willing to face the unknown and throw themselves at it, even when others would caution them to hold back. Not all members of the house are explorers, most embrace a desire for the discovery of new things and feel comfort when close to the open seas.


Name Rank Title Description
Selandriel 1 Head of House
Volith 2 Right Hand
Vindal 2 Right Hand ---
Xalor 3 Family
Mindra 3 Family
Sabriel 3 Family
Loralyndra 3 Family
Zorasta 3 Family
Noelani 3 Family
Darien 3 Family
Ravenir 3 Family
Roisin 3 Family
Diuturna 3 Family
Lenia 3 Family

Ruler: Selandriel

Minister Category Title
Volith Income None
Eros(RIP) Warfare None


Elexia's Repose

The site of Elexia's Repose is situated high on a coastal cliff-side that looks down over the site where Ithiriel Elexia's ship sank in the Third Migration. To honor her memory, House Marindur spared no expense and had an intricate Stone Keep built. Its architecture, while fortified, is also elegantly constructed making for a picturesque destination worthy of the memory of the former leader of all elf kind.

Nylenth's Crossing

Built part way into the Villance River, Nylenth's Crossing is a stone keep that boasts an ingenious architectural design. It is one with the river as much as any structure can be. Streams of water pass through elegant arches below the city while the forest seems to grow up around the other side. Strategic and elegant in equal measure.

Glimmer Falls

The architecture of Glimmer Falls is so natural in design that one imagines it may have grown from the rocks and trees and earth around it. The third stone keep of House Marindur helps to establish the family's hold on the Whispering Tides region of Aarandor.