Vassal of Aeran

Sigil: A ship sailing in a storm
Words: We Find the Way

Many tales are told about the younger days of Reymar the Grim, founder of House Reymar. There's a distinct lack of consistency in those tales, some claiming Reymar was born in an island surrounded by feral animals before he was found by a ship sailing by, others claim that he was an orphan dragged into serving in different ships, but the kernel of truth in those stories is that Reymar spent most of his youth as a pirate, and one that would go on to become a terror to the navy of the First Kingdom. However, even the luck of a pirate eventually runs out and Reymar was captured during a skirmish that didn't go his way. The leaders of the First Kingdom's navy recognized the usefulness of a man like Reymar, and conscripted him into service. Not one to back from a challenge, Reymar went from pirate to a fearsome protector of Loramar, where he was assigned to. During the First Migration, he refused to abandon the people that had accepted him regardless of his past, and became an instrumental part in helping defend and rebuild the city. That grim ferocity that Reymar was known for, has been passed down to his descendants, with many leaning towards the path of maritime warfare.


Name Rank Title Description
Odissin 1 Head of House
Talien 2 Right Hand
Lucrezia 3 Family
Egan 3 Family
Dagnir 3 Family
Tulasam 3 Family
Nalaea 3 Family
Razvahn 3 Family
Gaeryl 3 Family
Vesper 3 Family
Elric 3 Family

Ruler: Odissin

Minister Category Title
Lucrezia Income None


Reymar's Reprieve

Built just south of the Sacred Hart Grove, House Reymar established a coastal stone keep in the autumn of 52 PA. The architecture is both sturdy and practical, giving off the very essence of the word fortress. Surrounding the keep itself is an ancient forest of very large evergreen trees that give off the energy of thousands of years of growth.

Reymar's Storm

Taken from the Duindar Kinship in the autumn of 53 PA, the land where Reymar's Storm now stands was once called Storm Keep. Now, atop the forested landscape, a wooden keep has been build, marking this territory for House Reymar and the Aeran Kinship.


A sturdy stone keep overlooking the northern sea. Stonewatch also houses a formidable harbor and a mage tower at its location. It has become a destination for anyone traveling north of Lorawin.