Loramar, the Dream of the Seas, was one of the largest cities of the First Kingdom. It was a cosmopolitan city, visited by many of the races and home to the oldest shrine of Aereth. The Dwarven Guilds, the Human Kingdoms and the Hearthling Homesteads all regularly visited Loramar for trade, and its access to the sea made it a valuable strategic asset to the First Kingdom, making it a target of many attacks during the Ogre Wars. The relentless assaults by the ogres gradually reduced Loramar to a shadow of its former glory, yet each and every single time the shrine of Aereth remained untouched. Each and every time, the hardy elves of Loramar rallied around the shrine to rebuild, turning Loramar into a mismatch of building styles and architectures that nonetheless made those elves that called the city proud of their home. During the First Migration those same elves broke ties with their former kin to stubbornly remain behind, banding under the protection of Aereth's shrine and the seas, calling themselves the Aeran. When the time came to leave Larandor, the Aeran provided the knowledge and expertise to lead the way and sail to their new home in Aarandor. Upon arrival they stubbornly claimed the harsh cliffs around the harbor that welcomed them and, unwilling to change their ways and abandon their connection to sea, built a city upon those cliffs and called it Lorawin, Dream of the Tides.


Name Rank Title Description
Talien 1 Leader Admiral
Rythadrien 1 Leader Chief
Velandria 1 Leader Wave Speaker
Vindal 2 Second Wave Whisperer
Xalor 2 Second Right Hand
Elleth 2 Second Captain
Selandriel 3 Kinlessa ---
Odissin 3 Kinlector ---
Darinel 3 Kinlessa ---
Octalin 3 Kinlector ---
Migath 4 Citizen ---
Selene 4 Citizen ---
Volith 4 Citizen ---
Tykalos 4 Citizen High Priest of Aereth
Catlith 4 Citizen High Priestess of Baridon
Lucrezia 4 Citizen ---
Mindra 4 Citizen ---
Amphitrite 4 Citizen ---
Sabriel 4 Citizen ---
Viessa 4 Citizen ---
Joward 4 Citizen ---
Agis 4 Citizen ---
Ephyra 4 Citizen ---
Mihris 4 Citizen ---
Telimus 4 Citizen ---
Loralyndra 4 Citizen ---
Shakian 4 Citizen ---
Eros 4 Citizen ---
Faylen 4 Citizen ---
Egan 4 Citizen ---
Zorasta 4 Citizen ---
Erendir 4 Citizen ---
Dagnir 4 Citizen ---
Forwen 4 Citizen ---
Tulasam 4 Citizen ---

Ruler: Rythadrien

Minister Category Title
Talien Warfare Admiral
Velandria Loyalty Wave Speaker

Land Holdings


Description: This is the Aeran Domain