Vassal of Aeran

Sigil: A striped dolphin jumping over a wave
Words: Embrace the Tide

The Alcaldia, Jewel of the Dawn, was an elven ship that disappeared during a terrible storm off the coast of Loramar. Only one survivor was found and rescued by priests of Aereth after the storm, the captain's daughter, a girl named Noe. Noe grew up to become a devout priestess of Aereth, and it was rumored she was a favored of the goddess and thus the reason she was spared during the tragedy of the loss of the Alcaldia. Noe had a strong connection to the Lifewell, in particular to the element of water and was known to be a master of evocation with said element. Many claim that it was her faith and magic that helped keep Loramar safe during many of the storms that coastal region was known for, and during the Ogre Wars, she led the people during the many attempts to rebuild the city, opening the shrine to them for refuge and earning her the title of the Wave Speaker of Loramar. Members of this house often have strong spiritual connections to the sea or the gods, and have been known to lean towards manipulating water when tapping into the Lifewell.


Name Rank Title Description
Darinel 1 Head of House
Mihris 2 Right Hand
Tykalos 3 Family
Velandria 3 Family
Elleth 3 Family
Erendir 3 Family
Ilesareth 3 Family
Ara 3 Family
Kai 3 Family
Amphitrite 9 Inactive
Ephyra 9 Inactive
Faidh 9 Inactive

Ruler: Darinel


Alcaldia Domain