Vassal of Aeran

Sigil - A drawing compass against an open scroll
Words - Strong Foundations

Nerea Nalduine was a gifted architect from the old House Nalduine of the First Kingdom, with a penchant for exploration and a love of the seas. Rather than remain in the home of her ancestors, she decided to settle in Loramar and helped design and oversee many of the buildings that helped shape the architectural independence and beauty of the coastal city. The Ogre Wars brought only devastation to said marvels of architecture, but also it was a blow to the spirit of the people of the city, that while used to adversity, hadn't faced anything like this yet. At that point, Nerea could have just packed and left, but her determination and stubbornness urged her to stay and rebuild. She led the efforts to put the city back together, and rather than lament the constant rebuilding, she adapted and changed her methods to offset the attacks, leading the mismatch of styles that Loramar came to be known for by the end of the wars. That courage to always endure, and eagerness to rebuild rather than give up has been passed down to the generations of the House she is the founder of.


Name Rank Title Description
Octalin 1 Head of House
Shakian 2 Right Hand Chief Explorer
Migath 3 Family
Rythadrien 3 Family Aeran Chief
Catlith 3 Family High Priestess of Baridon
Viessa 3 Family Master of Sails
Joward 3 Family
Telimus 3 Family
Faylen 3 Family
Forwen 4 Family

Ruler: Octalin

Land Holdings

Nerea Domain