Vassal of Duindar

Sigil: A rolled up scroll against a radiant shield
Words: The Past Reveals the Future

One of the more prominent families of the Duindar, the Egilion are well known for their love of history and tradition. They are avid collectors of writings, with a library second only to the Grand Library itself. Much of what ancient knowledge was saved during the War of Devotion was thanks to the personal collection of the Egilion family. They believe that the pursuit of knowledge is the highest calling and often go into the service of the Library or engage in scribal work. They have a long-standing tension with the Sedriel family of the Thalerith Kin, whom they blame for the loss of the first Grand Library during the War.


Name Rank Title Description
Erotas 1 Head of House Kinlector
Diagones 2 Right Hand Right Hand
Kiros 2 Right Hand Left Hand
Trevarius 3 Family
Maltavius 3 Family
Sikil 3 Family
Danai 3 Family
Tiania 3 Family
Scipio 3 Family
Kenthadus 3 Family
Tyrus 3 Family
Thorin 3 Family
Sareth 4 Family

Ruler: Erotas

Minister Category Title
Danai Income None


Amaranthine Grove

A beautiful stone keep in the heart of the amethyst colored grove. House Egilion has spared no expense in making their settlement both beautiful and fortified. It takes in all the natural beauty surrounding the structure and weaves them as one with the settlement itself.