Vassal of Duindar

Sigil: A silver tree with roots and branches
Words: Life in All Things

One of the holiest sites in Larandor was the tree Laenoriel, held sacred to Gala, which sat on a hill overlooking the city of Loramar. The first marriage circlets were woven of its gold-flowering boughs of supple ever-green and the tree was a pilgrimage site for couples seeking to wed. The guardians of the tree, the Laenorin, were known for looking for guidance from the gods when meditating over the patterns made by the flower petals fallen on the small surrounding lake. Although named for the sacred tree by Shalath, Ithiriel Laenor ordered the tree be cut down and used for magical weapons to fight in the Ogre Wars. Duin the Artificer was commanded to see it through and reluctantly did so with a level of reverence that earned her the Laenorin's respect. Angry with Laenor, they joined Duin's followers during the First Migration. Presently, many members of the house have shown an affinity towards nature magic and the healing arts, while others often go on to become skilled scholars and mediators.


Name Rank Title Description
Theleria 1 Head of House
Elizaldian 2 Right Hand
Cordelia 3 Family
Alexandria 3 Family
Valeria 3 Family
Nadia 3 Family
Aidan 3 Family
Eilidh 3 Family
Lukina 3 Family
Celenia 3 Family
Sciath 3 Family
Kythaela 3 Family
Thalassa 3 Family
Taurfael 3 Family
Nerivyre 3 Family
Myrrdine 4 Family
Aelessa 4 Family
Ronan 5 Denizen

Ruler: Theleria


Ad Astria

A beautiful stone keep built deep in the forests near the Syreian Split. This keep boasts a pair of glass-topped towers meant for astrological observation. A true star-gazers paradise.

Aenori Grove

A stone keep is built up around the tree of the Oracles found in Aenori Grove. In the construction of the natural and organically constructed keep, it was ensured that no trees were warped, cut or moved in any ways, allowing the natural beauty of the forest to shine through in all aspects of this settlement.