Vassal of Duindar

Sigil: An open book surrounded by arcane symbols
Words: Power from Within

Naevon Hill was one of the bloodier battles of the Scorched Earth War, where a small cabal of Egilion mages managed to push back a large force of Thalerith battle-cat riders. Their leader was Archmage, Galithryn Egilion, who felt that House Egilion needed to be more involved in the war while most of House Egilion felt their duty was to accurately document the war. He took the name of the hill as his own in remembrance of both the victory and the fallen they had lost. He later went on to form the Acadeum to pass along his magical knowledge and ensure the Duindar were protected through magic. Since then, few can be matched with the Naevon family for their mastery of the Lifewell and the arcane arts. They find joy in devotion to the pursuit of magical knowledge and power, dedicating their long lives to studying the disciplines of magic. While most specialize in the schools of magic, some devote themselves to other pursuits with equal passion.


Name Rank Title Description
Elstrin 1 Head of House
Lunan 2 Right Hand
Teroleus 3 Family
Baeldeth 3 Family
Kaeleirus 3 Family
Nagestos 3 Family
Tharnor 3 Family
Archarnor 3 Family
Rutana 3 Family
Claria 3 Family
Estelle 3 Family
Arahiel 3 Family
Sarian 3 Family
Amlugon 3 Family
Cuivienen 3 Family
Emarissa 3 Family
Azura 3 Family
Rekke 3 Family

Ruler: Elstrin

Minister Category Title
Tharnor Income None


Naevon Domain