Vassal of Duindar

Sigil: A forest within a golden laurel wreath
Words: None So Dutiful

The Geminiel family believes very much in the duty to serve their people, and has the distinct honor of hosting the greatest number of First Citizens of the four illustrious families. They are descended from Duin's adjutant Gemini who organized and coordinated the efforts of the famed sage between the various divisions which would later become the Duindar. Gemini's efforts earned him the respect of the engineers and mages, which resulted in his descendants being one of the first elected to the Senate. They tend to gravitate towards politics and public service, using their organizational skills and love of the law to guide their path.


Name Rank Title Description
Limandria 1 Head of House Senator
Aurelian 2 Right Hand
Audreus 3 Family General of the Duindar Army
Tamora 3 Family
Zaleria 3 Family
Deoca 3 Family High Priest of Glanor
Ceres 3 Family
Magnus 3 Family
Berendir 3 Family
Nyrena 3 Family
Katara 3 Family
Medeia 3 Family
Wahaiya 3 Family
Yazat 3 Family
Wynnimir 3 Family Harbormaster

Ruler: Limandria

Minister Category Title
Aurelian Income Master of Coin
Wynnimir Productivity Harbormaster



Built on an incredibly defensible island in the southern Syreian Split. Murkhold itself is an impressive stone fort, built to withstand the unstable terrain and hold as a bastion along the river. The architecture is distinctly Dundarian, weaving in natural elements when possible but keeping in mind the elements it will need to withstand.

Gemini's Harbor

The port city of Gemini's Harbor was founded in Autumn of 53 PA. As the first seaward harbor settlement of the Duindar, Gemini's Harbor controls the mouth of the Southern Syreian split and gives the kinship a path to the greater ocean. The settlement itself has been built up around a fortified stone keep at that location.

Nehima's Bulwark

Built in the early spring of 54 PA, the stone keep of Nehima's Bulwark protects the Isalspire to the North.