Vassal of Faenor

Sigil: Two hands clasped together within a white circle
Words: The Strength of All

The founder or House Aenorr was Aenorr Serannar, brother to the Ithiriel Shalath the first leader of the elven First Kingdom. His disagreements with Ithiriel's Laenor's decisions led him to join up with the Faenare, a secretive group that supported Elven isolationism in their battle against the evils of the land. They encouraged Aenorr to take the throne from Laenor, but he refused, feeling that rule of one had failed. The elves needed something different. During the construction of their new home, Khelwen, Aenorr met with the different leaders of the Faenare and they decided that not one person would rule their people, now calling themselves the Faenor. Instead, Covenant of the Five will serve as government. Aenorr believed the Faenor needed a unity of voice that the Covenant could provide and he became the mediator in many of their discussions. Throughout the generations, House Aenorr has often been the deciding vote in many of the important decisions, and its members walks different paths in life, often known for offering insightful opinions in whatever profession they practice.


Name Rank Title Description
Cayn 1 High Lord
Relios 2 Heir
Falron 4 Family
Saaru 4 Family
Bledig 4 Family
Alistair 4 Family
Inweth 4 Family

Ruler: Relios


Aenorr Domain