Vassal of Faenor

Sigil: A white light pillar set over a golden mountain
Words: A Bountiful Virtue

House Morinen was one of the First Kingdom's most prominent and influential houses, often found in competition with House Brixtien. There were many attempts by House Brixtien to try and absorb House Morinen, but each was skillfully rebuked by the leaders of the house. They were one of the founders of the Faenare, holding a strong belief that Laenor's views would be the ruin of the First Kingdom. Over the generations, they fashioned themselves into the guardians of Faenor's prosperity and way of life, proving themselves able to swiftly make the difficult decisions that sometimes the other Houses in the kinship stumble about. They did not hesitate to vote for abandoning the other races and come to Aarandor, arguing that fighting a losing battle against the Host and the specter of mortality was simply folly.


Name Rank Title Description
Emyrion 1 High Lord
Rigoth 2 Heir
Eirianwen 3 Highborn Family
Ideh 3 Highborn Family
Iridessa 4 Family
Methedras 4 Family
Klaern 4 Family
Aileana 4 Family
Niamh 4 Family
Kieran 4 Family
Conall 4 Family
Sindris 5 Denizen

Ruler: Emyrion

Minister Category Title
Kieran Income Minister of Coin


Starfire Keep

Built high atop Starfire Peak, House Morinen constructed a sturdy and fortified stone keep, naming is Starfire Keep. This location overlooks a series of caverns believed to be inhabited by the Oracle of Brundir, Myrna of the Wheel. Stewards of the southern mountains, the Keep aims to safeguard this location from unwanted visitors.


Frostmarch will likely forever be known as the staging ground on which the first great battle of Aarandor was held. The fight of the Faenor against the Ice Watchers began in this very location where the Faenor proved themselves victorious. In the years that have passed since that first battle, Frostmarch remained a name alone. In the spring of 54 PA, that changed. House Morenin claimed it as their own, building a sturdy stone keep at its peak. This settlement acts to further protect the Faenorin Capital, Khelgar, from the south-west.