Vassal of Faenor

Sigil: An ornate silver sword over a white shield
Words: We Guard Our Own

Keir was the title given to the enforcers of the Faenare, back in the days of their secret existence within the First Kingdom. The Keir were brutal in their protection of the organization, and have always fought with a distinct feral ferocity in their protection of those under their charge. During the construction of Khelwen, the ancestral Faenor homeland, they were recognized by the other Houses as their own House and given a seat in the Council of Five. They have produced many warriors of renown, and their members often follow that path. They have also produced a good number of hunters, and are known for often training their wolf companions to fight at their side.


Name Rank Title Description
Gariss 1 High Lord
Kenyon 2 Heir
Talrin 2 Heir
Lathia 4 Family
Tivaar 4 Family
Althon 4 Family
Aegon 4 Family
Asa 4 Family
Ingmarr 5 Denizen

Ruler: Gariss

Land Holdings

Keir Domain