Vassal of Faenor

Sigil: A bright white crystal within a black corona
Words: Unflinching Against Darkness

An elf named Gaius the Bright, a master of wind and ice evocation, is credited for being the founder of House Ingith. Gaius was a firm believer that the real threat to the First Kingdom was not found in the simple creatures that the elves often fought for territory, but in the more insidious evils that plagued the land. The silent evil, the unseen evil that often hides in the heart of the immortal races. He felt the elves have the strongest spiritual core of all the races, and therefore it was their duty and responsibility to make eliminating that kind of evil a priority. Through the years, many members of the house lean towards the magical arts, but they have also produced warriors charged with protecting the purity of the Faenor heart against spiritual corruption.


Name Rank Title Description
Lythene 1 High Lord
Garett 2 Heir
Boros 3 Highborn Family
Rhyven 3 Highborn Family
Dalarin 4 Family
Eloidhe 4 Family
Hrefna 4 Family
Ainsley 4 Family

Ruler: Garett

Minister Category Title
Dalarin Income None



Lord Heir Garett Ingith and Dalarin Ingith make quick work of starting a settlement on the newly discovered lake-front lands called Greenmantle. The wooden keep itself was built in September of 25 PA. Constructed high up on a cliff face that overlooks the settlement lands, it keeps a watchful eye over the waters of Lake Heledir and the surrounding hills.

The Golden Wood

A wooden settlement has been built up just north of the Nivermer Forest, home of the Dryads and named The Golden Wood in honor of the Oak Trees near by. The settlement itself is built as an outpost for travelers who find themselves far away from the comforts of home, wherever that might be.